Advantages of Onsite Corporate Health Services



Most office workers suffer from pain related to their jobs. For instance, carpal tunnel syndrome accounts for one third of all workers' compensation claims.



By providing extra services to employees, they feel valued and happier in their workplace, leading to loyalty within a company. This is also a promotional factor for new employee recruitment.



Onsite therapeutic massage will eliminate loss of valuable time due to commuting, while also reducing the possibility of running late or missing an appointment due to heavy traffic or delays.



Regular treatments will reduce absenteeism related to physical and mental health and decrease WSIB claims, reducing overall costs to the company. 



Studies have been linking massage to improved brainpower and productivity. Turns out massage helps spark creative ideas. The business world is fast-paced and stressful. Sometimes people need to slow their brain down and relax in order to solve a problem and think of a better solution. After a massage, people report feeling clearer thoughts and are able to problem solve faster and more efficiently. 



Onsite massage day brings an exciting energy and vibe into the office. Employees are excited and look forward to their treatment which is reflective in their mood on massage day. Having something that adds culture to a company improves the overall morale within it. 


How IT Works


Step 1

Contact us. We’ll answer any questions you have and then arrange a date for our onsite services.



Step 2

We provide you with a PDF which includes the onsite date, our rates, the name of the room we will be providing treatments in, and the link for the staff to book their appointment through our online booking platform.


Step 3

We come in and provide our Health services at your office! We take care of payments and billing.