Why All HR’s Should be Starting Health & Wellness Programs at the Office


Recent studies by Forbes, Aspire Recruitment Solutions, and Deloitte Insights have highlighted the key areas that are most important to employees in their workplace. We had to share this because onsite health programs fit in all of these categories!

  1. Workplace Wellness: Building a positive work environment is more important than ever before! Workplace wellness is an area that requires regular attention so that you can keep people happy, motivated, and in a positive mindset.

  2. Workplace Flexibility: Establishing a work/life balance is important for millennials. Offering onsite health programs tells employees that they are allowed to take 30 minutes out of their day to look after their physical and mental health. Additionally, it saves them time that they would have to spend after work going to and from appointments. Now they can spend more time with their family and loved ones after the work day.

  3. Workplace Culture: If you choose to ignore your office culture, chances are you will experience more turnover, lower morale, and less productivity. We are constantly told by HR’s that when the employees know that we are onsite for the day, you feel an excitement in the office. Everyone is talking about it, sharing their health goals for the year, and providing motivation to start taking better care of their health.

  4. Employees Want Better Benefit Offerings: Employees want the ability to personalize their benefits to suit their needs. What works for some doesn’t work for everyone. We have been added to many of our partnering office’s hiring process, as new potential hires are always impressed if an office is providing onsite Massage Therapy. This is a great promotional factor!

If you are a HR professional, your skills matter now more than ever. Unemployment levels are low and companies are becoming more competitive with salaries and perks for new employees. Employers have had to become more open minded about what is offered in their office than ever before. It is now common to have onsite Massage Therapy, meditation rooms, yoga at lunch, free lunches and much more. As you may know, a lot of these initiatives cost money to a company, except onsite health programs! Onsite corporate health is an easy initiative to bring to your office because employees pay through their insurance benefits. Therefore, it costs absolutely nothing to the company and your company looks very good offering it.