Why a Chair Massage Isn’t a Real Health Benefit


Most, if not all onsite corporate health companies provide chair massage rather than table massage. We understand the appeal — it’s easier for the therapist because they don’t have to carry sheets to and from the offices and therefore avoid all the laundry they would then have to do afterward. Furthermore, from the company’s side, it may seem foreign to have employees undress at the office. Also, offering shorter treatments of 15-20 minutes is more appealing to them because of course, this means less time the employee spends away from their desk.


To be honest, as an onsite corporate massage company, it is much easier to get into companies by offering chair massage vs table massage because this is what people are accustomed to.

So why is For Health’s Sake refusing to offer chair massage?

Simply, for your health’s sake. ;) 

image (1).png

Let’s elaborate on this.

Take a look at this photo to the right. Look at the positioning of the client in the chair. Her head, shoulders, and hips are all forward. The chair actually enhances the poor posture that she has been in all day at her desk! This is literally the opposite of what you would want to do.

The purpose of bringing onsite Massage Therapy into companies is to help people who have been at their desks all day. So, why would we then put them in an even worse position than they were while sitting at their desk? 

Sure, a Massage Therapist can release tension and trigger points in the back and neck but while they are doing this they are also lengthening what is being lengthened all day. This doesn’t actually help the client in the long run. Alternatively, the client would benefit from lengthening the muscles that have been shortened all day and the only way to do this is to provide Massage Therapy on a proper massage table.

Screenshot 2019-10-21 08.38.21.png

How can you provide an effective massage if you’re unable to lengthen the shortened muscles? In our opinion, you can’t. Which is exactly why we only provide table massage.  

Now take a look at this photo:

image (2).png

By providing table massage, we’re able to open the client up from their forward position of being at a desk all day. We can lengthen the tight pectoralis muscles to reset the shoulders back (as seen in photo) as well as release the shortened hip flexors (a common cause of low back pain). Lastly, we can release the muscles in the front of the neck which are the ones that are pulling and anchoring the neck forward when tight (shortened). 

Fun Fact: Did you know that for every inch your head protrudes forward from its normal alignment, you add about 10 extra pounds of force on your neck? That’s a lot of pressure on your neck muscles and joints! And a big cause of headaches.

For Health’s Sake is challenging the norm of offering chair massage in the office by literally bringing the clinic to you! We bring the massage table, linens, lotion, and music and set up in a private space right in the office.

The End Result: Employees and Companies are loving it! Employees no longer have to leave the office for an effective massage. Therefore, we are actually saving them time away from their desks. Furthermore, the employees have reported being more productive after the massage. Their heads are clearer, they feel valued in their workplace, and most importantly they finally have pain relief.